This SMS service enables all unit holders (investors) the convenience to get details about their investments with Mirae Asset Mutual Fund through their registered mobile number.

Investor needs to send a SMS from the registered mobile number using below keyword to mobile number 9289200052.

Please find below the list of SMS services offered by us.

Sr. No. Service Keyword
1 Latest NAV - To know NAV of all schemes in your folio NAV
2 Last 3 transactions - To know last 3 transactions of your folio TRAN
3 Balance - To know folio balance BAL
4 Statement of Account - Statement of Account for all folios will be emailed to the investor’s registered email address ESOA
5 Folio Details - To get details of all folio numbers associated with investors registered mobile number FOLIOS
6 Physical Copy of Annual Report -Investor can request to receive physical copy of the Annual Report ARP
7 Email Copy of Annual Report -Investor can request to receive copy of the Annual Report to the registered email address ARE
8 Portfolio -Investor can request to receive link of Monthly Portfolio on registered mobile number PORT

For quick access to Mirae Asset Mutual Fund SMS services in the future! Save the number 9289200052 in your phonebook.

Please Note:

  • This facility can be availed by existing KYC verified investors, resident individuals (including guardians on behalf of minors).
  • This facility is currently available to individual investors whose mode of holding is either Single or Either or Survivor.
  • Mobile number needs to be mandatorily registered under the folio and investor should SMS from their registered mobile number.
  • In case your Mobile Number is not registered with us, please fill “Other Facility Form” Click here and submit it at any of our Investor Service Centre.
  • We do not levy any charges for this service. Your mobile phone service provider may charge you for SMS you send at the tariff fixed by them.